Nowadays, most people are getting addicted to sports betting. So, to prevent this problem, most organizations are coming up with different solutions.

One such program which is very popular in the UK is gamstop. It is a self-exclusion scheme in which you can register with the program to ban your account from all the sports betting sites in the UK.

The Gamstop program is specially developed for people who have difficulty controlling their gambling habits. However, sometimes people get really upset when they incur huge losses in sports betting.

Because of this, they make an impulsive decision and register on gamstop. However, once you register on gamstop, you cannot cancel it.

Once you sign up for gamstop, you will not be able to use any of the UK-based betting sites. However, instead of using UK-based betting sites, you need to use international betting sites which are not on gamstop.

It will help you to bet on sports even with the gamstop self-exclusion program. Most of the international betting sites don’t have to comply with gamstop.

You will get all the details about gamstop sports betting on Pick 7. This website will help you to choose the best non-gamstop betting site to bet on sports.

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